When great orgs want to survive thrive in the next decade, they call us.

The structure and shape of the firm is being renegotiated on multiple fronts. Google refactored their entire business to allocate authorities and investments around their products. GE replaced annual performance reviews with on-demand feedback. Netflix uses algorithms to help decide what binge-worthy series to product next.

What sound like bold experiments are quickly becoming the new normal. Actions like these are making firms more resilient, more responsive, and more impactful.

We work for you.

We help you and your team take on the most complex challenges. We not only advise on how to tackle the opportunities that lay ahead, but we help your organization build muscle memory by rolling up our sleeves and joining the mission.

We have a clear theory of change that has worked with dozens of clients across major industries.

  1. Scout for market opportunities and latent talent potential.
  2. Test and build products that reflect the purpose of your organization.
  3. Position your employees to deploy their strongest talents.
  4. Use technology and tools along the way as means, not ends.
  5. Repeat, over and over, until everyone is contributing to the mission.

Our partners engage at various stages between starting new strategic thinking and investing in new programs. If you’re a leader who’s inspired by these commitments, let us know.

We operate at scale.

We work everywhere between company-wide transformation efforts inside Fortune 500s to the scrappy startup fighting to build a sustainable business. We believe organizations structured around products and people dramatically outperform other structures. We put purpose at the forefront of our work to make organizations more resilient and more competitive.